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AAMT Journal No.39 Mar. 2007

  • Foreword:
    • "Message from the new president of AAMT" H. Isahara
  • Message:
    • "Message from the former president of AAMT" J. Tsujii
  • Report:
    • "Teaching and Researching MT in Ireland: The DCU Experience" M. O’hagan, A. Way
  • Symposium:
    • "Report on "16th JTF Translation Fair"" K. Nogami
    • "Report on "IWSLT 2006"" E. Sumita
    • "Report on "GALA in Tokyo"" Y. Murakami
  • Future Outlook:
    • "MT in the future" Fujitsu Laboratories LTD.
  • Board Members:
    • "New AAMT organization"
  • New Organization:
    • "Introduction of the AAMT Committee for Seeking Future Direction of MT" K. Uchimoto
  • New Secretariat:
    • "New AAMT Secretary-General" K. Kanzaki, E. Izumi
  • General Meeting:
    • "Report on the 16th AAMT General Meeting and related events"
  • MT System : Report by the AAMT Nagao Award 2006 Winner:
    • "R&D toward practical use of speech translation system for hand-held devices" NEC Corporation
    • "R&D on MT technologies at OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd." OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
  • New Products:
    • "The Honyaku Server Enterprise Edition V.2.0" Toshiba Solutions Corporation
  • New Service:
    • "My Site Honyaku" Kodensha Co., Ltd.
  • MT Web Links:
    • "List of MT services on the Web (the Asia-Pacific Region)" AAMT IWG
  • AAMT Activities:
    • "AAMT Activities (April 2006〜February 2007)"
    • "Announcement of MT SUMMIT XI"
  • Editor's Note:
    • "Message from the Chair of the AAMT Journal Editorial Committee" T. Utsuro

Last update : 30 MAR. 2007