AAMT Nagao Award
Asia-Pacific Association for
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AAMT Nagao Award

Dr. Makoto Nagao, the first president of the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT), received the Japan Prize last year, and he conferred part of his prize money to AAMT with the objective of assisting our work. With these funds, we at AAMT have established the AAMT Nagao Award.

Award Objective:
The Nagao Award is given in recognition of individuals or groups who have contributed to research and development leading to or facilitating commercialization of machine translation systems. The Nagao Award differs from academic awards given for papers or presentations; it is awarded, for example, for contributions to the commercialization of high performance machine translation systems, for the launch of new services utilizing machine translation systems, and so on. At the same time, however, the award of course does not exclude research results that also have academic significance.


(1)Masao Utiyama and Eiichiro Sumita Multilngual Translatioin Laboratory, Universal Communication Research Institute, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Research and practical realization of statistical translation technologies by independent excution of word seletion and word reordering and service realization of the high-performance machine translation system depends on the technology transfer to the plural companies are remarkable achievement. From the perspective of the award's objective, "contributions to the commercialization of high performance machine translation systems" or "the launch of new services utilizing machine translation systems", they deserve The Nagao Prize.


(1)Miori Sagara President & CEO Baobab,Inc
For establishing a "crowd-sourced translation" platform using Parallel Corpus-based techniques, in addition to creating a community centered around foreign exchange students being interested in language translation, and building an affordable human-based translation business; For demonstrating results in actual usage by internet shopping companies, IT associated companies and universities, and creating a new inroad for new MT based businesses in a new era which heavily utilizes internet-based machine translation, The Nagao Prize is awarded to Baobab,Inc. in recognition of their excellence.


(1)FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD. Machine Translation R&D Group
Long-term contributions to the advancement of machine translation technologies and utility through research and development of corpus-based language resource construction methods and technologies for putting machine translation to practical use


(1)AAMT Working Group 3 (Sharing/Standardization)
Working group 3 has developed and released an easy-to-use, open dictionary format UTX. UTX provides effective means for improving machine translation accuracy as well as the quality of computer assisted translation and interoperability of user-created dictionaries. UTX is valuable because it has the potential to grow into an international standard in addition to its use in various specialized domains such as ICT localization, open source efforts, education, government, medical, legal, and many other areas.


(1)Minna no Hon'yaku Development and Management Team


(1)Toshiba Solutions Corporation & Toshiba Corporation
Realization of the technology for translation precision improvement, alleviating user's burden due to user's knowledge acquisition

(2) AAMT Internet Working Group
For outstanding publicity activities for the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation


(1)Sharp Corporation
Research, development, and application of a hybrid translation system, featuring text translation software products and speech translation prototypes, based on a unique, advanced translation memory engine and a conventional translation engine.

(2) NEC Corp. & Kodensha Co., Ltd.
Commercialization of Multilingual Machine Translation Service for Mobile Phone


(1)Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International Spoken Language Communication Research Laboratory
Research and development of statistical and example-based MT and provision of the multilingual speech translation service for mobile phones


(1)Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Corporate Research and Development Center Machine Translation Research Group
Development and operation of "epoch-making" MT systems and services

(2) NEC Media and Information Research Laboratories
Research and development toward practical use of speech translation system for hand-held devices

Last update : 1 Nov. 2013