Achievements by the UTX team

In 2011, the UTX team (Working Group 3, AAMT MT Research Committee) received the 6th AAMT Nagao Award. The Nagao Award commends individuals or groups who have contributed to research and development leading to or facilitating commercialization of machine translation systems. The reason for the award: "Working Group 3 has developed and released an easy-to-use, open dictionary format UTX. UTX provides effective means for improving machine translation accuracy as well as the quality of computer assisted translation and interoperability of user-created dictionaries. UTX is valuable because it has the potential to grow into an international standard in addition to its use in various specialized domains such as ICT localization, open source efforts, education, government, medical, legal, and many other areas."

External activities of the UTX team

In 2010, the UTX team created English-Japanese and Japanese-English bilingual UTX glossaries in legal and medical domains (containing 5451 words and 27126 words respectively) and made them available for free.

Since 2011, working in cooperation with the translation industry, AAMT and its UTX team had a booth at the annual JTF (Japan Translation Federation) Translation Festival.

Academic papers by UTX team members (at international academic meetings with peer review)

Other papers, workshop presentations, and magazine articles by UTX team members

Implementations of UTX

UTX format was adopted as a dictionary format in the Patent Office machine translation research. According to the research report, a Chinese-Japanese bilingual dictionary containing about 800,000 words was compiled, and a huge improvement was observed especially in the translation accuracy of compound nouns. Based on this dictionary and other dictionaries, a Chinese-Japanese bilingual dictionary containing about 1,000,000 entries was compiled in 2014. In 2015, a Chinese-Japanese bilingual dictionary containing about 2.2 million entries was compiled, and released for research purposes at the ALAGIN Language and Speech Resources website.

Various UTX converters are created and released by volunteers from around the world.

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